Tik Tok Challenge Challenges Teachers and Admin Staff

Earlier today, Principal Amanda Forde of Dry Creek Elementary School sent out an email to the Dry Creek parents informing them of a new “Tik Tok Challenge” that may be fun and games for kids, but has some destructive and dangerous results.

The “Tik Tok Challenge” is made up of some destructive and even dangerous behaviors, and is being promoted via social media.

It includes one activity to accomplish per month, somewhat like a merit badge system:

August – Sleep in and be late
September – Mess up a toilet/vandalize the restroom at school
October – Smack a staff member on the backside
November – Kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school
December – Deck the halls ….trash and inappropriate graffiti
January – Jab a female
February – Destroy school signs 
March – Make a mess in the cafeteria or courtyard
April – Grab privates of boys
May – Skip school 
June – Flip off the front office
July – Spray a neighbor’s fence

Miss Forde notes:

The purpose of today’s message is to inform and ask parents to support our Dry Creek community with addressing a social media trend that is being promoted via TikTok. We have been made aware of a “TikTok Challenge” that encourages student acts of misbehavior, vandalism, harassment and the like to be committed by students. Students are then encouraged to post these acts to TikTok. The impact of this TikTok challenge has already been felt on several of our campuses this month by students vandalizing school bathrooms.

We know that support from our Dry Creek community is crucial in raising awareness and getting to the bottom of the small number of students who have chosen to treat their campus this way. We recognize this is not representative of the vast majority of our students, staff, families, and community members who have worked together to create a positive culture that together we love and are proud of at Dry Creek. We are asking that if you have access to your students’ social media or they are willing to share with you, talk to them about the negative impact this has on school culture.

In addition, we want you and our students to understand that participation in these TikTok “challenges” could result in suspension, expulsion, police involvement and monetary fines for resulting damage.

We appreciate any assistance you and your students are willing to give us to help determine who is responsible.

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