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Transients Invade Post Office Lobby

Rio Linda Post Office

Got a letter from RL postmaster Mark Campbell in my PO Box last week, that just amplifies what many of us have been concerned about recently- Transients taking over public spaces and becoming a nuisance to the community, and the unwillingness of the Sheriff’s Department to enforce the law.

Here’s the text of the letter:

March 28, 2013

Dear Post Office Box Customers;

Over the last few months, it has become increasing apparent that our lobby is being used as shelter over the nighttime hours by local transients. We have filed numerous complaints with the local Sheriffs office, only to be told that since we have a 24 hour lobby open to the public, there is not much they can do. Since I do not want to go the route of closing our outer lobby at the time we leave every night, about 5:30 pm M-F and 1:30 pm Saturday’s, I am asking for your assistance in ridding our lobby of this problem. Below are some phone numbers that you can call if you encounter any problems, be they minor like someone sleeping in here, to major if the person is belligerent or harassing in any way. This way, it is my hope that with enough phone calls, the Sacramento Sheriff’s office can once and for all help alleviate this issue that invariably makes it unpleasant to come here after hours.

Transient Hotline-Sacramento County Sheriff

Sacramento Sheriff’s Office-Dispatch

Again, while I am sure closing this building down would take care of the problem, I want to ensure access for you, my paying customers, is maintained as is without the issue presenting itself currently.

Mark S. Campbell
Rio Linda CA 95673