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Water Board Sabotaging District on the Way Out

These are dark times for Rio Linda, friends. Seems like if Cathy Nelson-Hood and Vivien Spicer-Johnson can't have their way, then the people of Rio Linda will suffer for it.

Seems like if Cathy Nelson-Hood and Vivien Spicer-Johnson can’t have thier way, then the people of Rio Linda will suffer for it.

It’s been quite a week in Rio Linda… Last week’s elections were certainly a referendum on the water board and the poor job they’ve done over the past two years. Incumbents Mary Harris, Stephanie Suela and Belinda Paine were soundly beaten by Frank Caron, Courtney Caron and Martin Smith.

The next day, Wednesday, the Local Agency Formation Commision (LAFCO) held a meeting in which well over two hours were spent on the Rio Linda Elverta Community Water District and the impending collapse. Commissioner Chuck Rose (who sits on the Board of Directors of the Citrus Heights Water District, and the Sacramento Groundwater Authority) seemed to “get it” when he stated “Some of actions the board is taking right now is sabotage,”.

The Commission made a motion that included Not signing any long term contracts for the next 30 days, and re-hiring GM Mycheal Cardenas.

The very next night, at an emergency session of the Board of Directresses, they set about ignoring every request made. The BoD awarded a 5 year contract to an accounting firm, and hired Joe Sherrill, AN ENGINE BUILDER, as new GM with a 3 year contract!

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon, when an odd collection of cars were seen at the water district offices at a time when the office is usually dark and deserted. It seems that Vivien, Cathy, and Ravi were at the office changing locks, changing passwords and preparing to terminate the employment of the dedicated water district employees. That’s right… they’re scuttling the ship. If they can’t succeed, then they’ll make sure no-one else succeeds… costing the people of Rio Linda and Elverta hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

Monday afternoon, it was verified… locks have been re-keyed and board president Cathy Nelson-Hood was seen conferring with a temp agency.

These are dark times for Rio Linda, friends. I don’t know what happens next. The next 4 weeks are going to be filled with tumult, at best…


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  • John, your article is very true. I don’t think that I have remind you that the EMPLOYEES are holding strong. Our first concern is our community and providing them with safe water. Keys are only going to those that have a need, an on call person should have a key but does not. He has to be interviewed tomorrow for some unknown reason.

    We are now at the mercy of the community. Or is it the community is now at the mercy of the Board and new General Manager, who by the way has NO experience in water, distribution, Government Agencies, etc. Only experience as a manager for xx years. That is his qualification. If you review the District’s Policy Manual, there is a list of required qualifications. But, our current BoD failed to have someone read that to them.

    Again, the employees will do their best to provide the community with safe water. LAFCo and CDPH we are at your mercy. We need your help!

  • This is how I look at it, they are digging their own graves…and i think they’ve hit China about now!!! This is allllllll looking so good for the employees, it’s proving everything they have said along with the community members who have had their backs through this whole charade! The terrible part is the whole community is losing out! Not having safe drinking water at a drop of a dime, is a terrible way for a community to have to live…it’s scary and we have the crazies to thank for that! On top of being threatened every day when you walk through those doors to the District. That is exactly how all the employees feel, THREATENED every day!!!!!!! Think about having to do this day in and day out…i would rather work in a prison, at least there they have tools to defend themselves…like guns, tasers, mace, bullet proof vests…here they just have each other to rely on getting them through the day! Glad for those employees to have my husbands back, and I know he has theirs as well! Fight through it…it’s almost OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. hopefully they find this new GM to be just as guilty as the Board hags, that way he loses EVERYTHING…his business, his properties….maybe even his freedom!!!! HEY, A GIRL CAN HOPE…RIGHT!!!!

  • Shelley,
    Wow! I was just reading back articles and came across your comment about the new GM. Let’s put a huge target on an unknown man and try to ruin his life because he accepted a job you don’t want him to have. I am becoming more and more grieved the deeper I read into this issue. How is someone suppsed to do a job when total strangers are gunning for him? Just wow!

    • Camille- The hiring of Joe Sherrill was ill advised from the start. The on solvent fact is that according to the Water District’s published policy (and common sense), he’s not qualified for the job! He has absolutely NO previous water or wastewater experience.

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