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Watt Avenue Partnership PBID 6 month Update

There has been much progress with the Watt Avenue Partnership in the last 6 months since the PBID was formed. 

What is a PBID? I’m glad you asked!

A PBID is a special benefit assessment district to raise funds within a specific area. Funds are raised through a special assessment on real property. Property owners determine the level of services and improvements necessary to fit the needs of the commercial area.

A PBID may provide

  • Enhanced Security Services
  • Enhanced Maintenance Services
  • Marketing of the Area and Event Production
  • Small Business Training
  • Parking Management
  • Business Recruitment and Retention
  • Advocacy – One Unified Voice Representing the Area

Property owners determine the boundaries of the PBID and how much they are willing to spend to provide the services in the district. PBID’s provide supplemental services, over and above those provided by the city. To form the district, property owners paying over 50% of the total assessment must sign petitions in support of the district.

On July 28, 2015, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors formed the Watt Avenue Property and Business Improvement District (PBID). The PBID includes properties in the area between Watt Avenue, Roseville Road and Interstate 80. Property owners in the proposed district recently cast ballots in favor of forming the PBID. A coalition of businesses in the area requested its formation. Their goal is to increase occupancy, property values and sales, and attract new tenants. Funds generated by the PBID will be used for increased security, image enhancement, maintenance and abatement and capital improvements.

“This has been a two year process to bring the businesses and property owners together to identify the needs of the area and the best way to fund additional services,” said Jeff Donlevy from Recycling Industries. “Chronic crime problems are hurting our businesses and our community. We know that PBIDs in other parts of Sacramento have helped solve similar problems, improved the image of the areas and created a better business environment.”

To the right you will find reports about the reduction in crime as well as the statistics on litter abatement within our District. The numbers speak volumes about the effort that has been put into making  this Property Business Improvement District a success. It’s a win-win situation  for the property owners as well as the County of Sacramento. 

In addition to a monthly sweep from Sac County, Wells Sweeping does an additional sweep of the district as well.  Litter abatement happens 3 days a week. 

District Cleaning Totals 2016 Year to date
Bags of Trash 210
Mattresses 10
Misc. Items 25
Furnishing Removed 16
Signs Removed 29
Shopping Carts 63
Tires Collected 13
Hazardous Items 17
Graffiti Removal  91

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