What Icon Best Represents Rio Linda?

So, I’m thinking… There’s a lot of Rio Linda and Elverta icons. But, which one represents the history, the spirit and the nature of Rio Linda and Elverta the best?

There’s the archway, obviously. No, not Archway Market, dummy. Although you could make a pretty good case for Oscar being an icon of sorts.

There’s the chickens (or eggs), a nod to our past and our agricultural heritage and rural nature that persists to this day.

A sprint car? A quarter-midget? A race track? You can’t deny we have a racing heritage, and more than our fair share of weekend racers.

There’s the Fire Department. Nowadays, it’s a part of Metro Fire, but from 1923 to 1990 the Rio Linda Elverta Volunteer Fire District was a proud, well respected agency, even if they did get a little lost once in a while.

How about the water tower? Emblazoned with RIO LINDA in big block letters, it’s seen for miles around. Has the recent water district morass soured that idea?

Speaking of water, how about the creeks? The source of our community’s name, “Rio Linda” translates to “Beautiful River”. Just something I know.

The high school? The championship football team?

What do you think? Have I hit the nail on the head or missed the mark completely?


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  • I think that Rio Linda is about our plentiful out door activities. Whether it be, the creeks, the trails, the arena, the quarter midget track, the champion ski lakes, the sturgeon farm, the ball fields, the stadium, the trees, the livestock, the parks, the bmx, the fishing, the horses, gibson ranch, the golf courses, the history. Rio Linda is about the recreation and the great outdoors.

  • I agree with the above comments but also what I think represents the community the best is the wonderful rurual lifestyle, which is exactly what brought me here almost 10 years ago and why I decided to stay here. I read in a relocation guide about how the chickens were part of history here and how they still roam the streets. I have always had dreams of the main street becoming a place where others would be drawn to, complete with a museum showcasing the rich history of Rio Linda. If I had the resources, I would love to open a Chicken Restaurant filled with historic photos. We have a lot to be proud of here.

    • Hi Brigitte, We bascially have two museums down town so far. The Depot has a few pictures in it and hopefully more to come. The second is/will be Firehouse 111. No pictures in it yet, but members of the community are working on it. I know that they have quite a few pictures at the Dry Creek Ranch House.

      • I talked to Oscar just this evening. Do you realize he has been at that location for 28 years!! Business that stays in Rio Linda for the long haul is a good thing, but probably not an icon. I vote for the chickens!

  • I moved to Rio Linda 35 years ago. I love this community and it’s great people that Ive met through out the years. I grew up in the Oak Park area, but Rio Linda is my home. I love Rio Linda it’s my home for years to come. I’ve raised my two children, two nieces, and now I have 3 more to finish raising here in our lovely community.

  • Thanks for your comment, Julia. Everyone should see our little place out here in the country the way you do.

    Thanks for stopping by, and drop in often!

      • Well Im’ a little late to respond, but I grew up in rio linda. I remember a time when there was no Mcdonalds and it took um years just to get a 7-eleven. I think th schools in Rio Linda our a testament to th people who have gone their. I went to all three and I feel priveledged because when I look back I realize how nice it was. Th folks who still live n Rio linda hav made it great!

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