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So there's a few things going on in Rio Linda and Elverta this holiday season...

Sorry I’ve been away from a while. A surprise layoff at my former employer has left me a little unmotivated to write lately. However… Today, I climb back on the horse and get this ball rolling again!

So there’s a few things going on in Rio Linda and Elverta this holiday season…

  • The Rio Linda/Elverta Chamber of Commerce is holding their annual Christmas decoration contest. Entries are due by December 17th and judging will be done on December 19th. Visit the Chamber’s website at http://rlechamber.org/1.html for more information.
  • The water district’s new board members take their seats on December 2nd. What happens then is anyone’s guess, but a few intelligent, motivated directors should stop the Jerry Springer-style antics we’ve become so accustomed to. The next board meeting isn’t scheduled until December 20th, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a special meeting scheduled well before then. Visit the district’s website at http://www.rlecwd.com for more information.
  • Mama’s Creamery hosted some of our homeless community members for Thanksgiving, with Turkey, stuffing, potatoes and all the trimmings. They also distributed blankets and warm weather clothes. What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving and give back to the community! Wendy Whitehouse, Kristi Davis and others were on hand to help out. Mama would like everyone to know shes ready to host your birthday parties and meetings or other events. Visit the Facebook site here for more information.
  • Thanks to Pat and all the folks at Food Source for being open until 3pm on Thanksgiving. I had to make a run over there because I forgot to gt some Pepsi and OJ (Mmmmm Screwdrivers). I picked up 4 packages of Philly cream cheese for 5 bucks too. Thanksgiving ain’t right unless you have cream cheese and celery.

That’s it for now. It’s getting cold in here, so I’m going to have to go find a heat source for my poor hands.

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  • John,
    The RLECWD new Board members take their oath of office at 12:01 p.m. on Friday, December 3rd. Just a little fyi.

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