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Joe Sherrill's wrongful termination lawsuit against the Rio Linda Elverta Community Water District is coming to an end.

It looks like Joe Sherrill’s wrongful termination lawsuit against the Rio Linda Elverta Community Water District is coming to an end.

An email released publicly by Judge Dave Abbott on January 30th 2013 contains the details of the settlement agreement that the water district and Sherrill’s attorneys have agreed to.

It shows that Joe Sherrill will be paid $264,000 in total. $85,000 is payable upon execution of the agreement, and he will receive 30 monthly payments of nearly $3000 each.

See the document here.

Rio Linda Water District v. Joseph Sherrill settlement by

It really is a travesty.

When people ask what damage Vivien Johnson, Cathy Nelson-Hood, Mary Harris, Belinda Paine and Stephanie Suela caused, you can point at over a quarter-million dollars worth right here.

In 2011, the Grand Jury put it this way:

… the Old Board failed to hire general managers who could handle the entire job as
described in the policy manual. One interim general manager had water experience, but
no experience in the financial aspects of running a water district. The general manager
hired in November 2010, completely lacked experience in running any sort of water
district or public agency

Joe Sherrill was placed in that position by the 2008 board knowing full well that he no business being there. He had no experience or knowledge of the water/wastewater industry. He was placed in that position just days after LAFCO had asked them not to enter into any long term contracts until the newly elected board had been seated.

It’s shameful. It really is.

More documents on the case can be found at Case # 34-2011-00103481

The Grand Jury report can be found at

Vivien Johnson can be emailed directly at Let her know how you feel about spending a quarter million dollars of the districts money- money that could be building new wells or repairing old lines or paying wages- to an unqualified, inexperienced, substandard GM who’s hiring she is directly responsible for.

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