Xavier Breazell- Keeper of the Christmas Lights

You may find yourself driving down West Withington Avenue this holiday season, only to become blinded by a home fully engulfed in an effulgent display of Christmas lights. It will be obvious when you’ve arrived at Xavier Breazell’s house.

Xavier is 16 years old and LOVES Christmas time, and even more so, he loves decorating for the holidays. By himself, Xavier has decorated the outside of the home with thousands of holiday lights. Mom Dana Thompson says he’s started on the inside as well.

You might not think that this would be unusual for a 16-year-old, and you’d be right, but you have to understand… Xavier is on the Autism Spectrum.

You can’t miss the display… a huge Santa inflatable stands in the yard with a calendar keeping everyone on the block informed about how many days are left until Christmas. Xavier wakes up early every day to go out and update the sign.

With the support of his mother Dana Thompson and a large extended family, Xavier has an overabundance of support. Look for him to do big things in the future.

(Xavier, if you happen to read this article, be sure to stop by Meg’s Creamery… an anonymous benefactor has left something there for you!)

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