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Historical Restoration of 1927 Rio Linda Fire Truck #2

The Rio Linda Elverta Foundation for the Future and the RLE Recreation and Park District is proud to announce the historical restoration project for the communities own Fire Truck #2.

The goal is to restore Rio Linda Fire Truck #2 – 1927 American-LaFrance to better than new condition thus reinstating her to the rightful position next to Rio Linda’s 1st Fire Truck-Old Betsy. In 2010, upon transferring ownership of Rio Linda Fire Truck #2 from the RLE Historical Society, the RLE Recreation and Park District partnered with Sacramento Metro Fire District to facilitate the project in the historic Rio Linda Fire House (Front & West M Street).

Initiated a few years back, committed volunteers Roger Mitchell, the restoration crew and volunteers from Rio Linda High School have since invested over 7000 volunteer hours
into this culturally significant treasure.

Volunteers are always a welcomed as this is a wonderful educational opportunity. More events are planned this coming year for capital investment and if you are interested in
the project please feel free to call the RLE Community Center at 916.991.5929.

Special thanks to the Silmer Scheidel Family of Pleasant Grove for saving this historical gem for posterity over 50 years!

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