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The Other Thing…

Don Flesch has his “This and That” column in the Rio Linda News, so I figure we’ll call this one “The Other Thing”.

Aren’t I a stitch?

So with a Pepsi Max in one hand and Bjork’s “Vespertine” on my headphones here’s a bunch of stuff that needs to make it here somehow. It ain’t gonna write itself!

Pay attention… lots going on here:

Rio JavaI did a lot of business in the community today. I stopped by Rio Java to get some rocket fuel before I had to pick up my daughter from school today. Let me just say this; Little Miss Nicole, she of the ponytail, bright red lipstick and doo-wop music is a real sweetheart. She even remembered my name today, and I go in there maybe once every 3 weeks! Great job!

I also stopped by to see my good friend Michael Costa at The Keyshop. Got something notarized in 10 minutes, in and out. I think the Keyshop is a well kept secret here in town that provides a lot of services we need. Thanks Mikey, I appreciate it.

(Mike’s also a proud graduate of RLHS, Class of 1987. We just need to get him to a reunion now!)

  • The Rio Linda / Elverta Recreation and Parks District Board meets on Wednesday, March 16th at the Community Center. Come discuss the troubles they’ve had with vagrants, and jerks hanging out at in Depot Park and harassing people using the bike trail.
  • The next Rio Linda Community Watch meeting is Thursday, March 17th at the Community Center. Be there at 5:30, be out by 6:30. Bring your concerns for the local Sheriff representative.
  • Board members of the Rio Linda Water District Board please take note… I sat in on the most recent RLE Chamber of Commerce meeting last week. There was no bickering, infighting, arguing, name-calling, or obnoxious board members -cough- Vivien -cough-. They came in, got down to business, and went home. In and out in 1.5 hours, and a lot of work got done. With the next RLECWD board meeting scheduled for the 21st (Monday, 7pm, Depot center) maybe we can keep the minority under control and handle things expeditiously. Now that Vivien has advised us all of Director Courtney Caron’s personal life, I know she wants to get out of there… We can do it! Think good thoughts, dude.
  • Speaking of, Doug Ose was there to discuss the reopening of Gibson Ranch. The ranch is scheduled to re-open on April 1st, but of course the county hasn’t maintained it since it closed up shop last fall. A volunteer Community Cleanup day has been scheduled on Saturday March 26th at 8 am. Lunch will be provided. If you’d like to participate, contact dougose@hotmail.com to rsvp.
  • The annual Rio Linda Little League Parade will be held on April 2nd at 8am.
  • Lon from the Friends of the Library dropped me a line to let me know they are having a Book Sale & Food Drive on Friday April 8th and Saturday April 9th in front of the Food Source. They will have thousands of books, movies and music selections for sale. All proceeds will be used to fund children’s programs at the library. They’re also having a food drive, with all food going to the Rio Linda Food Bank. See the flyer here.

A few website updates;

  • Thanks again to everyone who participated in my little fundraising drive last month. Some very community oriented and generous souls donated enough to keep the website up and running for the next year, at least. Not only is the hosting paid for, but the domain registration is taken care of. Security! What a concept!
  • Please remember the classifieds section. It’s completely free… advertise what you want to, copy the link and spread it around to your Twitter, your facebook, your email. 100% free!
  • I’m going to build a links page, and take the links section off the front page. It’s really just a waste of space down there, and it’s not very helpful.
  • I may also experiment with the layout of the site. Something I’ve been toying with. If things look weird, just give it a minute. 🙂
  • Advertising is available! just $30 for the calendar month. One dollar a day.


That’s it… gotta get back to work on other projects. Thanks for reading.

Now get out there and get involved.